Andrew Luck

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Player Pos School Class Ht Wt 40 Time
Andrew Luck QB Stanford Junior 6-4 235 4.73

SIZE: (10)

Luck has elite size for an NFL quarterback. He’s listed at 6’04″ and 235 lbs on Stanford’s roster. That is great height to be able to see over the offensive line, and he’s big enough to stay healthy in the NFL.


Luck has very good accuracy to all levels. Against Oregon he struggled with his accuracy beyond 25 yards but against Oklahoma State he was very accurate on deep passes. His short and intermediate accuracy is very solid. Occasionally throws behind receivers but who doesn’t? For the year Luck completed 71.3 percent of his passes. He also is accurate while on the run. Does a good job of setting his feet and facing his body towards the target.


Luck doesn’t have a monster arm but it’s good enough to make every throw and is strong enough to thread the needle when needed.  In the 1st quarter against Oklahoma State Luck threw the ball 52 yards in the air and hit his receiver in stride for a touchdown. He can throw a 25 yard pass with very little effort. His deep balls also have good spin and cut through the air with ease.


Luck separates himself more in this category than anywhere else. Luck ran a pro-style offense at Stanford and took a lot of snaps under center. He showed a quick drop and does a good job of surveying the defense while dropping back. His feet remain calm in the pocket but they aren’t set in concrete and he’s able to move in the pocket to avoid rush. Luck has a good release point and you wont see many of his balls knocked down at the line of scrimmage. In fact, the two games I used to scout Luck, he had zero passes knocked down at the line. He has a quick throwing motion and his passes have good spin on them making them easier to catch.


This is another area where Luck excels. You won’t see him make too many stupid throws. He’s very much like Payton Manning when it comes to making pre-snap reads. He had the authority to call audibles at the line of scrimmage and does a great job of selecting the correct play. Another area where Luck excels is not having tunnel vision. He does a good job of reading the defense and watching the safeties or linebackers before selecting which receiver to throw to.


In the two games I used to scout Luck he was sacked 5 times and fumbled once. That’s the main reason this score isn’t a little higher. For the most part he shows good pocket awareness but he’s possibly a little to0 set on making a play instead of just throwing the ball away. He’s willing to take a hit to deliver a pass but like I said he might be a little too willing at times and try to force a pass instead of just moving on to the next play.


Luck isn’t a burner but he has enough speed to avoid the rush and get positive yards. He also shows good footwork on bootlegs. He’s a strong runner and won’t shy away from delivering a hit. His projected 40-time is 4.73 which is pretty good for a QB. He also made a one handed catch down the sideline in a game this season which shows his athleticism.


One thing I look for as an intangible is the player’s ability to stay healthy. In Luck’s three year career he only missed one game due to injury. Another thing I like to see when evaluating a quarterback is the ability to convert on 3rd downs. Against Oregon, Luck only extended the drive 3 out of 11 times but he also had three passes dropped so that didn’t help. In the Fiesta Bowl, Luck extended the drive on 3rd down 8 out of 11 times. He’s also a winner. Luck was 31-7 as a starter at Stanford and four of those loses came during his freshman year.


I currently have Luck ranked as the No. 1 QB in the 2012 class and have him being selected No. 1 in the 2012 NFL Draft. He doesn’t have the strongest arm but he doesn’t have many flaws and is probably the most complete and NFL ready quarterback I’ve seen in a long time. He’s very mature and has a high football IQ. I have no doubt that he could step in next year and be successful.


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