Aaron Murray Comes Up Short Again

Posted: December 1, 2012 in NFL Draft

MurrayEntering the SEC title game, there was one question on a lot of scouts mind:  Could Aaron Murray finally break through against a solid defense?  The junior quarterback from Georgia has had a very solid career, but his performance in marquee games has left many NFL Draft analyst questioning his ability at the next level.  Tonight he was  five yards away from silencing a lot of his critics.  Unfortunately their last minute drive came up short, and Georgia lost to another ranked team with Murray under center.

Murray falls to 1-2 against ranked teams in 2012, and a very disappointing 1-11 in his career.  Against un-ranked teams Murray is an outstanding 26-2 and has thrown 74 touchdown passes and only 16 interceptions.  Against ranked teams his touchdown to interception ratio drops to 16 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

murray2Murray’s lack of success against top teams and the fact that he’s slightly undersized could hurt his draft stock when NFL scouts evaluate him.  I currently have him ranked as my No. 7 QB for the 2013 draft  and I really like what I see from him most of the time but it’s hard to ignore his performance against the better teams.

He’s clearly not going to get any taller next year and he’s already been a starter for 3 years in the SEC, but I have to wonder if maybe he could benefit from returning for his senior season.  Most NFL Draft analyst view him as a late 2nd round pick or early 3rd round pick, which I agree with, but could he vault himself into the early 2nd round or late 1st round with a dominating senior year? I think he probably could but I’d understand if he doesn’t want to take the risk.

Murray does shows good footwork and can make any throw.  I really like his consistent over the top throwing motion as well. I think he’s a solid player and would be a good pick for a team in the 2nd or 3rd round, but don’t be surprised if some teams grade him out lower due to the reasons I’ve stated.


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